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'Security through Obscurity'

Born out of the forensic chaos evident in the Balkans in the late 1990s Central PANIC Division was established as a think tank to create bridges and pave the way for a multidisciplinary approach that employed human rights based strategies to forensic investigations whether undertaken for judicial or humanitarian purposes. After considering a range of options our small, specialized, dedicated Team of investigators emerged as a clear choice providing significant opportunities to work together in mitigating the often life changing effects that war and violence provoke.

Central PANIC Division is engaged in the essential humanitarian practice of recovering and identifying victims of gross human rights abuses such as genocide, atrocity crimes and terrorist attacks. The work aims to ensure that the bereaved are assisted through their grieving process by the most able and efficient application of forensic science, receiving accurate, honest information as a part of a compassionate and timely post event process. Our goal is to provide evidence to legitimate investigative authorities concerned with such events, wether national, international, special courts or ad hoc tribunals. Our Core specialists can locate and excavate graves and record broader forensic landscapes which include execution sites.

The 'Divsions' Forensic scientists; Anthropologists, Pathologists, anatomical Pathology Technicians, Radiographers, Odontologists, examine human remains to assist in the determination of the victims identity, the cause and manner of death and the evidence of violations of human rights as in torture, water-boarding or starvation.

Initially only two of us worked together. My Partner  Michael Brown and I , undertook the role of Ambassadors risking our lives and providing a Safe House for many people in recovery from assaults , abuse and injustices. I skeem lie and cheat to protect those in my care often coming across as the Bad Cop and Michael with his warm,  compassionate, honest and attentive attributes would be the Good Cop and together we'd work; two dilligent 'Hard-asses who'd been around the block, seen what the lowest are capable of  built a network of close associates that make us what we are today.

We, NEVER take a case with pre-conceptions, profiles or opinions or bias. Innocence is the de-facto. Innocent until proven guilty. Our jobs are that of investigators; putting the pieces of the puzzle together and handing it over to those entrusted in prosecuting crime.

WE ARE NOT POLICE. Nor do we ever wish to interfere in their fields of jurisdiciton or involve ourselves when the science is no longer a part of our remit. Crime scene to Courtroom, crime lab management , qulaity control and determining the best course of action for future best practices.

As a Forensic Anthropologist applying the science of physical and biological anthropology to the legal process and preserving the chain of evidence is what our focus is for Central Panic Division and with an exciting future ahead we reinvent ourselves by research and developing a range of cutting edge diagnostic laboratory reagents both at our UK site (for the European Union) and our US site for North and South America. We'll keep you posted on our developments. Check us out at Academia.edu 



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